Last week I was talking to a recent and typically sharp Wesleyan grad who asked me this question. My first impulse was to say something about new platforms or integration or something equally fashionable–then it occurred to me that the six biggest mistakes marketers make are the six biggest mistakes they’ve always made. Targeting everybody…. Read more »

Good communication is key to success in building an effective international sales channel. But honesty, clarity and reliability are just the minimum requirements for communications necessary to build trust with your remote sales force. Whether you are working with a direct sales force, a rep or a distributor, you will be operating in a different… Read more »

Two fast, simple ways to improve your communications–and why most CEOs would rather not. Last year, a client showed me a letter his new i-bankers had written describing his company to potential investors. It was already in circulation. It stunk. “This letter is incomprehensible,” I told him. It won’t persuade anyone.” “I know,” he grumbled…. Read more »

As the world flattens, many companies are trying to grow their business across international borders. This often entails building an international sales channel – which sounds easy, but is really hard, and requires a lot of energy and perseverance. Here are some practices that are key to success – whether you are working with a… Read more »