Mike McKenna, Managing Partner at McKenna & Partners

A few years ago I founded McKenna & Partners to help clients realize that whatever they do, whatever their mission, before all else they are a communications company.

It’s pretty simple but hard to do. It comes down to being able to define who you are and why anyone should care. Strategic Communications isn’t an end in itself. It is a tool to help you set and reach your goals.

It is important to define why you are valuable, to know who you want to reach, what you want them to think or do, what obstacles must be overcome, what’s the right message, and what are the best media channels to get results.

My intention is to fill a need I’d often noticed during my career for a group that could operate in the spaces between Agencies of Record when something unusual or time-sensitive comes up.

McKenna & Partners does that. Think of us as an Agency of Opportunity. That really rang a bell with my first clients – and continues to. Since our founding, we’ve consulted with The Coca-Cola Company, rebranded HealthSmart a leading third-party healthcare provider, worked on CSR for Brown-Forman, generated awareness and excitement for Hitachi North America and helped several non-profits communicate with private sector skill and discipline.

To do this I draw upon a roster of experienced pro’s who contribute as the job requires. We operate virtually between offices in my Vermont barn and points beyond. We build and provide purpose-built teams from a circle of specialists, designed to handle specific projects or large engagements without the burden of costly, fixed overhead.

And we’re affiliated with a number of specialty agencies in the United States and abroad to provide resources that require global reach or specific discipline expertise.

McK&P is all about senior involvement and deep dives, from concept to completion. If you think we might be right for you, please call me. We’ll both know if the fit is right and work things out from there.